Story of JAXS

The story of Jaxs started with the idea to bring back passion and quality into handcrafted leather shoes. All our shoes are designed with the elegance of a dancer in mind. Jaxs’s European designed range of dancing leather shoes are handcrafted by designers with years of knowledge and skill in the shoe making industry.

Jaxs has also created an exclusive fashion range not only for dancers but for anyone who wants to experience the elegance of a dancer but in an everyday design. In this collection, our designers took the widely known pump and redesigned it with the quality of a dancer in mind. Jaxs uses breathable leather while creating beautiful yet amazingly comfortable shoes. Jaxs’s elegant pump collection generates the feeling of dancing on clouds.

These beautifully crafted shoes are a must have in any collection for a touch of effortless style. Jaxs stands for elegance, passion and quality. Fashion and dancewear crafted with the utmost respect for the product and its performance. Every dancer has a dream. We love being part of it.

Our philosophy

Only when the customer is satisfied will we be satisfied. We want nothing less than quality and perfection.

Our Services

Nobody but the business shopkeeper knows better what is on their customers’ wish list. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we can, in addition to our collection, make adjustments to improve our products and to better tailor your customers’ wishes.